Kim Kardashian is Making me Fat!


No, not literally making me fat – I chose to eat that second cookie – but definitely figuratively fat. I woke up feeling good about myself, but after seeing this week’s People magazine (she’s always on the cover), I feel chunky, chubby and down-right fat. DAMN YOU KIM!

To get to the bottom of this, I called in body image expert Leslie Goldman and author of “Making Peace with your Thighs,” Dr. Linda Mintle, for their take on this pop culture attack on my waistline.


Leslie Goldman: “Most women are struggling with [their bodies], at every age. I wrote a book on body image and I’m a body image expert, but I still have days where I feel badly about the way that I look. The media intensifies everything.”

Linda Mintle: “It’s really hard in our culture. I struggled with feeling like I never measured up to the images I saw all around me. And now, our kids are exposed to an average of 3,000 body images per day! What you’re seeing is airbrushed, lighting; not real images of women.”

LG: “We can’t blame it on Kim Kardashian, but it certainly doesn’t help!”


Well, if I can’t blame it on her, I’m still hell-bent on holding a grudge.


Never one to get stuck at the crossroads of self-loathing and self-love, we plunge in for advice on what do next. Ladies, put down the magazines and back away from the TV!

LG: “Take a look at the things you’re watching, the magazines you’re reading, the radio program that you’re listening to and ask yourself, ‘Does this make me feel good about myself, or does it make me feel like crap?’ If getting the Victoria’s Secret catalog in the mail makes you feel awful every time you look at it, cancel the subscription!”

LM: “We have record numbers of eating disorders in young children. When I started my counseling practice years ago, my youngest patient was 13 years old, and now I see 5 year olds concerned about dieting. It’s scary. We’ve got all of this media influence of trying to be perfect-looking.”

LG: “One thing that really worked for me was to stop weighing myself. I have not weighed myself since November 2009 and it’s awesome! Before when I would step on the scale, that number would rule my day – not anymore.”

Side Note: I’m proud to say that I’ve never owned a scale; they are devil-ish little devices that I don’t want anywhere near me. If you have one, liberate yourself and throw it away! You know how you feel, how your clothes fit and what’s healthy for YOU; small step to make a huge difference.

LG: “It always seems like everyone else [including Kim K.] has it easier. I’ve interviewed hundreds of women and they all have issues, they all have things about their body that they don’t like. While you’re in the locker room trying to get undressed so no one sees you, the woman next to you is too busy worrying about how she looks! We have to try and come together on this, support each other.”

LM: “Remember, you offer more than your weight. It’s your character, the person you are, the beauty that you have inside. Hiding that [behind insecurity] can be a real turn-off. People are attracted to your confidence. Have a holistic view of who you are.”


Cheers to all the REAL women out there who are proud of their beautiful, healthy bodies!

Take that, Kim K!



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